Search Tips

Begin your search by entering keyword(s) in the Document Name Search box. Next, select one or more city or towns that you would like to search and click the blue “Document Search” box.

The results list that is returned will be a set of documents that contain the keyword(s) in the document title. From this list, you may now enter a search term to locate in the CONTENTS of the documents that are in the result set. Enter a keyword to find in the contents of the document in the Document Contents Search box and click the blue “Content Search” box. Tip: if too many documents are returned in the initial Document Name Search, enter a more specific or an additional keyword and re-execute your search.

Reset your search by clicking on the CityDocs logo at the top left of the page.

Due to the nature of Google search methods, there is a chance of a false positive in content searching. Please review several documents in the result list until you find the term you are seeking.

Keep keywords general.

If you are looking for a phrase, place multiple words inside quotation marks to indicate that they are one search term. EX: “Planning Commission” will find documents with these two words together and not documents with only “Planning” or “Commission”.

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